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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation has for a long been only available with Expensive Invasive Surgery that requires cutting of the skin implants then inserted and so requiring a lot of down time and risk of Infections and complications.

  Now you can have the same treatment with Hyaluronic Fillers.

It has been called the lunchtime Breast Enhancement Treatment because it can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Similar to Bum Augmentation with Fillers the client will not need to endure long recovery times as like surgery.

 The treatment utilises one tiny injection point made for using a blunt pain free cannula technique to apply a soft body filler to the upper quadrant ( Safe Zone ) of the breast area to enhance the appearance of your cleavage. It is quick and safe treatment which can typically last upto 24 months with little to no complications expected.

  Breast augmentation with fillers is perfect for the woman who wishes to regain her natural cleavage after Childbirth or recent weight loss or simply to give her that self confidence boost.

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