blonde hair

Tori Kelly-Senior Stylist


Tori has been hairdressing for 12 years, starting from when she left school. She has had extensive training, which has gained her lots of experience throughout the years.

Tori has worked her way up in salons until she was able to go self employed. She has worked in award winning salons in the UK and Australia. Tori loves the creativity of the craft and she loves giving clients any transformation, but specialises in balayage, blondes, and put ups!

Tori is very passionate about her career as a hairdresser and strives to make all of her clients feel confident!

Price Menu

Blowdry short hair                                    £23
Blowdry long hair                                      £26
Cut and blowdry                                       £33
Restyle                                                       £40
Child's cut and blow                                 £23
Child's dry cut                                           £13
Men’s cut                                                   £18

Hair up                                              from £25
Dry styling                                                  £21
Bridal hair                                                POA

Full head Highlights                                 £53
Half head Highlights                                £45
T section                                                    £40
Bleach                                                        £35
FHC                                                           £35
Full Head Colour (long)                          £40
Roots                                                          £33
Roots & Packets                                      £50
Full Head of Colour & Packets             £60
Balayage                                                    £55
Express balayage                                      £45
Colour Correction                                 POA
Olaplex                                                      £15
Toner                                                         £15
(All service prices are individual)