Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

The procedure, which has been described as ‘lunchtime liposuction’ and a ‘fat-melting wonder treatment’, involves injecting a fat-digesting enzyme — a naturally occurring chemical called deoxycholate — into pockets of fat.

The Aqualyx  locks on to fat cell walls, breaking them down to release the fatty acids inside, which are eliminated from the body in your urine. Results may be seen in one treatment, it’s claimed.

The injection targets small pockets of fat and can’t be used over large areas. But it’s considered suitable for removing fat from thighs, jowls, stomach, hips, back and knees.

Because the fat cells are destroyed, the effects are permanent, but patients are advised to stick to a healthy diet and exercise, as they can still gain fat in untreated areas.

After being launched in Italy in 2009, the treatment has been used in more than 49 countries and more than two million vials have been sold, yet it’s only just become popular here.

It has particular appeal for older women, as it seems risk-free compared with surgery.

‘The advantage over more invasive fat-removal methods such as liposuction — where fat is surgically removed via tubes inserted under the skin — is that there’s no hospital stay, no down time, no bandages, no time off work,’ says Harley Street cosmetic doctor Dr Vincent Wong, a leading Aqualyx practitioner and trainer.


After the initial treatment the fat diminishes gradually afterwards and most clients say they didn't suffer from any discomfort

Expert explains fat-melting treatment Aqualyx


‘There’s little or no pain and no scarring. All practitioners need a certified qualification.

The cost varies according to how much you have, but at between £150 and £1,000 for a course, it’s much cheaper than liposuction, which can be up to £5,000.

The ease and cost are what interests most of our clients  about the ‘too good to be true’ treatment. ‘I’d never thought about liposuction,’ one of our clients says. ‘I don’t think I’d have chosen such a drastic route.

‘After reading about the treatment, I booked in for a consultation with Sean Scott, Clinical director of ReShapeU Aesthetics. He thought my tummy would respond really well. For £450 it seemed reasonable, so I booked in for a week or so later.

‘I wasn’t nervous — as someone who’s donated blood regularly, I’m fine with needles. I had a series of six injections, three into each side of the fat area. The needles went quite deep into the fat and it was uncomfortable, but bearable. I was in and out of the room in under an hour.

Our Client was happy with the results after just one session and doesn't think she'll need another round of the treatment


‘All I was advised to do was wear looser clothing for a few days and to take paracetamol if I needed it.’

She had been warned her stomach would swell. This is an inflammatory response and means the treatment’s working, says Sean Scott. ‘When the fat cell walls start to be broken down, your body sends for white blood cells to start to clear the cell debris,’ he says.

But Belinda ( our client )was still shocked at how swollen her stomach looked.

‘From side on, I thought: “Oh my God, what’s happened!” My husband was concerned. It was almost as if I was a few months pregnant.

‘As the swelling subsided, my tummy felt solid, then the hardness gradually broke down as if the fat bits were melting away — it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Eight weeks later, I could see my tummy was much flatter and smoother and I’d shed inches.’

Belinda was satisfied with the results after just one session. ‘I don’t think I need another round and the clinic agrees. I have one small lump, which the nurse thinks is persistent fat cells, so I may have a tiny follow-up injection.

‘I don’t fancy going through the whole process again, but I’d recommend Aqualyx to others.

‘The stomach muscles I’ve worked so hard to define are visible now. I’m really pleased with how I look for my age.’​

Belinda says she had tried everything from aerobics classes to karate but nothing had helped get rid of the excess fat on her stomach

Belinda had a series of six injections which consisted of three into each side of the fat area

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