Pain Free Hair Removal Treatments

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Just imagine every time you get ready for that hot date, the office party, the night out with the girls or weekend shopping trip, imagine how much time and money girls we waste on shaving products, painful waxing treatments and waiting for the cut to stop bleeding, before we put on our crisp new clothes ready to go. It doesnt have to be that way anymore !! No more need for those nasty razors and cuts to your legs arms and other areas, no more need to go through painful waxing. Here at ReShapeU we offer Pain Free hair removal treatments, for all skin types from fair to black. You can choose from IPL, or the very latest in hair removal technology, 808 Diode laser hair removal. During your consultation, your dedicated consultant, will put together a package to suit your individual needs and budget. To make your treatments more affordable we offer upto 6 months interest free finance on your course of treatments with no credit search necessary. You can also start your first treatment straight afer your initial consultation and patch test with our 808 Diode Laser treatments.For  IPL treatments you will need to wait a minimum or 3 days following the patch test before we can start your treatments.

  Both techniques are very effective although the 808 Diode Laser technique is a much quicker procedure than the IPL. We can target any area of the body, with either machine, although one machine may be better on certain areas, than the other of different clients, which is why you undergo a thorough and informative consultation prior to your treatments giving us the best opportunity of achieving your desired requirements. With most clients seeing huge differences after only 1 or 2 treatments and in most cases the hair loss can be for upto 10 years. Imagine how much extra time you would have for yourself just by cutting down on shaving 2 or 3 times a week. 

Book your FREE consultation now to see how we can help you achieve that smooth body beautiful and throw away those razors.